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The #1 Problem in Product Management

Product Managers say the #1 problem is getting market feedback to drive their roadmap. In other words, what to build, and why?

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Sales, Marketing, Support, and Customer Success hear about customer problems, but can’t (or won’t!) share what they hear

  • You aren’t getting the customer feedback you need to prioritize effectively

  • Your only roadmap is a spreadsheet of user stories, and you’re not sure how it’s aligned to your organization’s strategy

With Pingpad, you orchestrate these conversations to create products customers love. Here’s how:

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 Discover Customer Problems

Team members in Sales, Support, Customer Success and Marketing have valuable customer insights for what to build next. Capture the context of any Slack conversation, and quickly create Idea Cards.

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 Collaborate to Define Customer Problems

Idea Cards have a collaborative real-time document editor, focused Slack thread, file attachments, assignment, Custom Fields and more.

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 Prioritize Problems to Solve

Idea Cards flow from Slack to the Idea Board. Create Lists and Custom Fields. Search, filter, sort and export.


 Orchestrate the Product Team Workflow

Automatically keep stakeholders in the loop. Focused messenger for Idea and Task Cards. Cards flow to Jira or your Roadmap Board.


Product Roadmaps

Prioritize, plan, visualize and communicate your product roadmap. Gather cross-functional input in Slack and focus planning discussions.  Visually prioritize and organize using Custom Fields. Make the plan accessible through Slack too, so everyone is on the same page.

Use Pingpad without having to leave Slack

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